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Crop Image Android Tutorial – Pick and Crop Image in Android – Android Coding by DMTechnolab

Simplified Coding

The package Pinch.Bitman.With.bestimagecropperever; Import Android.Clearly; Import Android.Annotation.Suppress; Import Android.App.The activity; Import Android.Content.Intent; Import the evening.package manager; Import Android.The hate; Import Android.The.Bundle; Import Android.Support.v7.App.AppCompatActivity; Import Android.Opinion.Opinion; Import Android.Widget.ImageButton; Import Android.Widget.ImageView; Import Android.Widget.Toast; Import With.Thetofdev.Edmodo.Crooked.crop image; Import With.Thetofdev.Edmodo.Crooked.CropImageView; public class Main activity Is spread AppCompatActivity {{ ImageButton imageButton; / ** …

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