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HTML to PDF JavaScript – Easily Convert Web Pages to PDF – Android Coding by DMTechnolab

Hey guys i have today HTML to PDF JavaScript tutorial For all of you. Sometimes we need to give our users the option to download documents. You may need this feature for many things; For example, you have to let your users download invoices, reports, charts in PDF format. Or sometimes, you may also require your users to download an existing HTML page in PDF documents. Whatever your requirement may be, the primary thing required here is converting HTML to PDF. And for the PDF JavaScript tutorial in this HTML, I’m going to teach you this thing.

Once you know how you can convert HTML to PDF, you can apply it to all your requirements discussed above.

In this post I will create a very simple web app that takes WebPage URLs, and gives you PDF documents by converting them to PDF. So basically we will use JavaScript.

HTML to PDF JavaScript

The tool I will use to make this is called DocRaptor. This is a paid tool, but you can get free trials, and you can convert unlimited documents for free, with no problems with watermarked docs. 4

If you want to know in advance what exactly we will create in this post, check it out below.

I embedded it here using IFrame, you can check Web 2 pdf here.

Now, let’s start making it.

tools required

Following are the things that I have used to build that application.

  • DocRaptor – To convert HTML to PDF
  • VisualStudio CodAs e-my code editor (you can use any)
  • Firebase Hosting – To deploy the application

Creating an HTML to PDF converter

Now, let’s create our project. Basically you just need to create a folder and this is our project.

  • Create a folder named Public inside your project folder.
  • Create an HTML file inside a public folder, you can name it anything; But i would recommend naming it index.html
  • Now we design the UI for our tool. I have used bootstrap here.
  • The UI is very simple, we just have an input field to get the WebPage URL and then we will convert the given page to a PDF.
  • We will write some JavaScript to convert the URL to PDF; I am using my javascript code here jQuery.
  • As you can see I have added DocRaptor JS and jQuery and the rest of the code is quite simple.

Not only PDF, you can also convert the page to other formats Type value. Currently it is PDF as we want PDF.

And it is not necessary to pass a web URL all the time, you can also pass the full HTML string instead of the URL. We will do it this way to pass the HTML string.

If you pass exam: True , Means that it is free for you, and you will get a watermark document.

Deploy your project

Finally, if you want to deploy your device for free, you can use Firebase hosting as I did. If you want to check the step by step guide on using Firebase Hosting, you can see it here.

So all this tutorial is for friends, let me know if you have any questions about this HTML to PDF JavaScript tutorial. Thank you 🙂

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