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File Upload Progress Bar using PHP and jQuery Form Plugin – Android Coding by DMTechnolab

In this post we will learn how to make File upload progress bar. We have also covered a tutorial about ajax file upload. But in that tutorial, we were not showing the progress of file upload. A mandatory feature is to show the progress bar when the file is being uploaded to the server.

For server side I am going to use PHP. We will also use HTML and CSS for our designing File upload progress bar. To apply the progress bar we will use jQuery form plugin.

You can check this video demo before starting the tutorial File upload progress bar.

Creating our PHP Project

  • I am using wamp server. You can use any PHP server. So for wamp we have the root directory which is www (c: / wamp / www) in case of wamp.
  • Now create a new folder inside the root directory. I loaded the fileup.
  • First of all create an HTML file named index.html. Inside this file, we will create our html form. You can create a form using the following code.
  • Now we need to make Upload File to handle file upload.
  • Now finally we need to write the following script inside the html page to make it work.
  • That’s it, now try to run your application. You can see the output given below.

File upload progress barFile upload progress bar

  • We can make it more cold by using it Css.

Implementing CSS in file upload progress bar

  • Modify your first index.html Please enter as below.
  • And create a file named The style And add the following CSS code.
  • Now you will see the following output.

File upload progress barFile upload progress bar

  • You can go This link To test the uploader.
  • You can also download my source code in case of problems.

[download id=”2196″]

So for this we have to File upload progress bar Tutorial. Feel free to ask any confusion or questions about this tutorial. Thank you 🙂

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