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Android ViewModel using Retrofit – ✅ A Simple Tutorial – Android Coding by DMTechnolab

The package With.Examples.Belkhan.androidviewmodel;

Import Android.Arch.Life data;

Import Android.Arch.Life Cycle.MutableLiveData;

Import Android.Arch.Life Cycle.Visual model;

Import Android.Widget.Toast;

Import Java.Useful.The list;

Import Retrofit 2.Call out;

Import Retrofit back;

Import Retrofit 2.Feedback;

Import Retrofit 2.move back;

Import Retrofit 2.Converter.the resurrection.GsonConverterFactory;

public class HeroViewModel Is spread Visual model {{

// This is the data we will get asynchronously

Private MutableLiveData<The list> hero;

// We will ask this method to get data

public live data<The list> getHeroes()) {{

// if list is null

If ()hero == Invalid) {{

hero = New MutableLiveData<The list>());

// We will load it asynchronously from the server in this method



// Finally we will return the list

The return hero;


// This method is using Retrofit to get JSON data from URL

Private Zero Loadhiro()) {{

move back move back = New move back.Builder())


.addConverterFactory()GsonConverterFactory.To create()))


Your Your = move back.To create()Your.class);

Call out<The list> Call = Your.getHeroes());

Call.Begrudge()New call back<The list>()) {{

@ Override

public Zero Treason()Call out<The list> Call, Feedback<The list> Feedback) {{

// Finally we are setting the list to our MutableLiveData

hero.To value()Feedback.Body()));


@ Override

public Zero Failure()Call out<The list> Call, Throwable T) {{





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