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Android Spinner with Search using XML Example – Android Coding by DMTechnolab

The package With.Examples.manishvishwakarma.Searchablespinnermine;

Import Android.App.AlertDialog;

Import Android.App.conversation;

Import Android.App.conversation;

Import Android.App.discoverer;

Import Android.Content.Context;

Import Android.Content.Dialog interface;

Import Android..Bundle;

Import Android.The text.Textulates;

Import Android.Opinion.Layout;

Import Android.Opinion.Opinion;

Import Android.Opinion.Viewgroup;

Import Android.Opinion.WindowManager;

Import Android.Opinion.input method.InputMethodManager;

Import Android.Widget.Adapter view;

Import Android.Widget.ArrayAdapter;

Import Android.Widget.list View;

Import Android.Widget.Search view;

Import Java.I am.Serializable;

Import Java.Useful.The list;

public class Searched Listdialog Is spread conversation come into force

Search view.OnQueryTextListener, Search view.OnCloseListener {{

Private Fixed The last String item = “item”;

Private ArrayAdapter listAdapter;

Private list View _listViewItems;

Private Searchable _searchableItem;

Private OnSearchTextChanged _onSearchTextChanged;

Private Search view _searchView;

Private String _strTitle;

Private String _strPositiveButtonText;

Private Dialog interface.OnClickListener _onClickListener;

public Searched Listdialog()) {{


public Fixed Searched Listdialog the new order()The list item) {{

Searched Listdialog Multicceptorpendablefragment = New

Searched Listdialog());

Bundle Arg = New Bundle());

Arg.Confirmatory()item, ()Serializable) item);

Multicceptorpendablefragment.set of()Arg);

The return Multicceptorpendablefragment;



public Zero Go ahead()Bundle saveInstanceState) {{

Super.Go ahead()saveInstanceState);



public Opinion onCreateView()Layout Flow, Viewgroup Container,

Bundle saveInstanceState) {{

GetDialog()).getWindow()).setSoftInputMode()WindowManager.Layout love


The return Super.onCreateView()Flow, Container, saveInstanceState);



public conversation onCreateDialog()Bundle saveInstanceState) {{

// Getting a layout inflotter to extend the view in a warning dialog.

Layout Flow = Layout.From()getActivity()));

// Crash on orientation change # 7

// start the change

// Description: was starting to zero to rotate the device again as an example,

// get instance from saved instance

If ()Invalid ! = saveInstanceState) {{

_searchableItem = ()Searchable) saveInstanceState.getSerializable()“item”);


// change end

Opinion rootView = Flow.To inflate()R.Layout.searchable_list_dialog, Invalid);


AlertDialog.Builder Alertdialog = New AlertDialog.Builder()getActivity()));

Alertdialog.Set view()rootView);

String strPositiveButton = _strPositiveButtonText == Invalid The “Close” : _strPositiveButtonText;

Alertdialog.setPositiveButton()strPositiveButton, _onClickListener);

String Airs = _strTitle == Invalid The “select item” : _strTitle;


The last AlertDialog conversation = Alertdialog.To create());

conversation.getWindow()).setSoftInputMode()WindowManager.Layout love


The return conversation;


// Crash on orientation change # 7

// start the change

// Description: Saving an instance of the searchable item.


public Zero onSaveInstanceState()Bundle get out off) {{

get out off.Confirmatory()“item”, _Suitable);

Super.onSaveInstanceState()get out off);


// change end

public Zero Satellite()String Airs) {{

_strTitle = Airs;


public Zero setPositiveButton()String strPositiveButtonText) {{

_strPositiveButtonText = strPositiveButtonText;


public Zero setPositiveButton()String strPositiveButtonText, Dialog interface.OnClickListener onClickListener) {{

_strPositiveButtonText = strPositiveButtonText;

_onClickListener = onClickListener;


public Zero setOnSearchableItemClickListener()Searchable seeking for) {{

this._Suitable = searched for;


public Zero setOnSearchTextChangedListener()OnSearchTextChanged onSearchTextChanged) {{

this._onSearchTextChanged = onSearchTextChanged;


Private Zero Setdata()Opinion rootView) {{

discoverer discoverer = ()discoverer) getActivity()).getSystemService()Context


_searchView = ()Search view) rootView.findViewById()R.Id.Search);







InputMethodManager Mgr = ()InputMethodManager) getActivity()).getSystemService()Context


Mgr.HideSoftInputFromWindow()_searchView.getWindowToken()), 0);

The list item = ()The list) getArguments()).getSerializable()item);

_listViewItems = ()list View) rootView.findViewById()R.Id.Baggage catalog);

// Create an adapter by passing your ArrayList data

listAdapter = New ArrayAdapter()getActivity()), Android.R.Layout.simple_list_item_1,item); // attach the adapter to the list



_listViewItems.setOnItemClickListener()New Adapter view.OnItemClickListener()) {{


public Zero click onItem()Adapter view<The> Parent, Opinion Opinion, int Post, long Id) {{

_searchableItem.onSearchableItemClicked()listAdapter.get item()Post), Post);






public Boolean Click on()) {{

The return false;



public Boolean onQueryTextSubmit()String s) {{


The return True;



public Boolean onQueryTextChange()String s) {{

// listAdapter.filterData (s);

If ()Textulates.Is Empty()s)) {{

// _listViewItems.clearTextFilter ();

()()ArrayAdapter) _listViewItems.getAdapter())).getFilter()).Filter()Invalid);

} other {{

()()ArrayAdapter) _listViewItems.getAdapter())).getFilter()).Filter()s);


If ()Invalid ! = _onSearchTextChanged) {{



The return True;


public The interface Searchable<T> Is spread Serializable {{

Zero onSearchableItemClicked()T item, int Post);


public The interface OnSearchTextChanged {{

Zero onSearchTextChanged()String Straighttext);



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