Android Speech to Text Tutorial – Android Coding by DMTechnolab

The package The trap.Simplified coding.speech;

Import Android.Clearly;

Import Android.Content.Intent;

Import the evening.package manager;

Import Android.The hate;

Import Android.The.the construction of;

Import Android.the provider.Adjustment;

Import Android.speech.Recognized;

Import Android.speech.Recognizer;

Import Android.speech.Eloquent;


Import Android.Support.v7.App.AppCompatActivity;

Import Android.The.Bundle;

Import Android.Opinion.Motion;

Import Android.Opinion.Opinion;

Import Android.Widget.Change in writing;

Import Java.Useful.array list;

Import Java.Useful.Localized;

public class Main activity Is spread AppCompatActivity {{


Protected Zero Go ahead()Bundle saveInstanceState) {{

Super.Go ahead()saveInstanceState);



The last Change in writing Change in writing = findViewById()R.Id.Change in writing);

The last Eloquent mSpeechRecognizer = Eloquent.createSpeechRecognizer()this);

The last Intent mSpeechRecognizerIntent = New Intent()Recognizer.ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH);





mSpeechRecognizer.setRecognitionListener()New Recognized()) {{

@ Override

public Zero onReadyForSpeech()Bundle Bundle) {{


@ Override

public Zero onBeginningOfSpeech()) {{


@ Override

public Zero onRmsChanged()swimming v) {{



public Zero onBufferReceived()Byte[] Bytes) {{



public Zero onEndOfSpeech()) {{


@ Override

public Zero forward()int I am) {{


@ Override

public Zero onResults()Bundle Bundle) {{

// all matches happening

array list Matches = Bundle


// Displaying the first match

If ()Matches ! = Invalid)

Change in writing.Settext()Matches.get()0));


@ Override

public Zero onPartialResults()Bundle Bundle) {{



public Zero On()int I am, Bundle Bundle) {{



findViewById()R.Id.switch).setOnTouchListener()New Opinion.OnTouchListener()) {{

@ Override

public Boolean on touch()Opinion Opinion, Motion Speed) {{

to switch ()Speed.Gotation())) {{

matter Motion.ACTION_UP:


Change in writing.setHint()“You’ll see input here”);


matter Motion.ACTION_DOWN:

mSpeechRecognizer.start listening()mSpeechRecognizerIntent);

Change in writing.Settext()“”);

Change in writing.setHint()“is listening …”);



The return false;




Private Zero checkPermission()) {{

If ()the construction of.the version.SDK_INT > = the construction of.VERSION_CODES.M) {{

If ()!(), Clearly.Permission.Record sound) == package manager.permission granted)) {{

Intent is intended = New Intent()Adjustment.ACTION_APPLICATION_DETAILS_SETTINGS,

to hate.Parse()“Package:” + getPackageName())));

Beginning()is intended);






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