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Android Networking Tutorial with Retrofit, PHP and MySQL – Android Coding by DMTechnolab

Networking is part of almost all applications. Applications do not operate in the isolation they communicate with backend servers with the help of web services often called RESTful APIs to perform various operations (such as saving or retrieving data). Therefore, networking is important in application development. in this Android networking tutorial We will learn everything you need to get started.

Android development can be classified into two parts.

  1. Building Web Services (reputable APIs)
  2. Build android app

this Android networking tutorial Will cover both parts. So you will know in detail how to build web services and consume those services in your android application.

In this tutorial we will use here to build web services PHP and MySQL. And we will use in Android side for making network calls Retrofit Library Which is the most popular library among Android developers.


Even if you have very little idea about Android development, you can start this course. But still if you have knowledge of the following things then it will help you.

  • Php basics
  • Understanding of XAMPP or LAMP for Linux
  • Basics of android studio

Android Networking Tutorial with Retrofit, PHP and MySQL

If you are ready to follow this course, start here. And make sure that you watch the entire course from beginning to end. Do not leave any video. Every video is equally important if you want to understand everything. said that the government has taken several steps to prevent such incidents.

Retrofit Android Tutorial – Source Code

If you need the source code of the RESTful API or Android project, you can get it from the following link. (Links are locked and you need to SHARE or SUBSCRIBE to unlock it).

If you feel that this course is worth seeing and providing to you, please tell your friends about this course too. If you have any confusion or problem after the tutorial, let me know by commenting here or in the specific video where you are having the problem.

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Hi, my name is Belal Khan and I am Google Developers Specialist (GDE) for Android. A passion for teaching made me this blog. If you are an Android developer, or you are learning about Android development, I can help you a lot with simplified coding.

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