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AAB to APK Converter online | How to Generate and Extract APK Files from Android App Bundle (AAB)

In Google, I/O 2018, Android App Bundle, another document design was acquainted with disperse Android applications by means of Google Play.

Later in 2019, Google began prescribing engineers to transfer new applications/refreshes in .aab design rather than customary .apk.

The principle objective of Android App Bundle is lessening the size of the application you download from Play Store. Actually it is an assortment of various APKs generated progressively for different gadget setups.

Assuming you need to introduce .aab record outside of Play Store, you need to initially extract APK documents from AAB and introduce them physically on your Android gadget.

Dissimilar to conventional .apk records, it is preposterous to expect to share or sideload the .aab document for testing. At the point when you transfer the .aab document in your Google Play Console, an advanced .apk record will be progressively generated dependent on the client gadget setup.

For instance, if an Android application has numerous “strings.xml” records for various dialects and your gadget default language is set to English. A .apk document will be generated powerfully for your gadget barring any remaining language records to lessen the .apk size.

This component comes handly according to a client perspective yet for designers and analyzers, it added more migraine. Since it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to introduce a .aab document like APKs, you need to either first transfer it to Play Store for testing or physically generate APK records from Android App Bundle (.aab). When numerous APKs or all inclusive APK record is extracted from .aab, you can introduce the application on various gadget arrangements.

Changing over Android App Bundle (.aab) to APK File

In the wake of producing the Android App Bundle from Android Studio or from your number one IDE, you need to initially test how the generated APKs act when sent on neighborhood mobiles. The speediest method to do this is changing over .aab record to APK and by introducing it in the conventional manner.

To extract APK records from Android App Bundle, we’re utilizing bundletool, which is an opensource order line instrument accessible on GitHub. This device is for controlling the Android App Bundle to generate APK set document (.apks) record. Once the “.apks” record is generated utilizing bundletool, we can extract the APK documents by changing the record to .zip design.

Stage 1: Download bundletool order line apparatus

First of all, download the most recent form of bundletool jar file from GitHub and save it inside an envelope on Desktop. At the hour of composing this article, the most recent variant of bundletool is 0.10.2 and for effortlessness, change the document name from bundletool-all-0.10.2.jar to bundletool.jar

Stage 2: Generate APK Set Archive (.apks) record from .aab

Duplicate your Android App Bundle (.aab) record to a similar envelope where you have downloaded the bundletool.jar in past advances. This is vital and you should ensure both bundletool.jar and .aab record is in a similar organizer each time you run the bundletool order.

As displayed in the screen capture, the name of my Android App Bundle is nhl.aab and both “bundletool.jar” and “nhl.aab” records are in a similar envelope. For this instructional exercise, we are utilizing the AAB document of our Notification History application.

Presently open the Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) and change the catalog to your Desktop envelope utilizing the CD order. To generate an APK set document (.apks) record containing diverse APK records of all gadgets arrangements your application upholds, run the form apks order as displayed beneath.

java -jar bundletool.jar build-apks --bundle=nhl.aab --output=nhl.apks

  • bundletool.jar – The name of .jar file you downloaded from GitHub
  • nhl.aab – Your Android App Bundle file name
  • nhl.apks – The name of the output file. It is a .apks file. Don’t confuse it with the traditional .apk file.

In the wake of running the above order, another document with the name “nhl.apks” will be made in a similar organizer. This is an APK document record and by extracting it, you will get various APK records for various gadget designs.

Stage 3: Extract APK Files

Once the “nhl.apks” record is generated, it is extremely simple to extract APK documents from it. You should simply, rename the “nhl.apks” record to “” and extract it typically utilizing ZIP document extractor. You will presently discover a ton of APK records in parts and self sufficient elements envelopes.

Extracting APKs from AAB

Presently you have effectively changed over the .aab record to .apk documents and you can introduce them on your gadget regularly. In fact, this is the manner by which you can introduce .aab record on an Android gadget.

Stand by it’s not finished at this point. Did you see any issue with the above order? Indeed, it is creating a lot of Debug APK records and you don’t know regarding which one you need to introduce? Imagine a scenario in which you need marked APKs or a widespread marked APK from Android App Bundle. Luckily, bundletool accompanies various banners for extracting required APK from .aab document.

Creating a Universal APK from Android App Bundle

Assuming you need to generate just one single APK from your .aab record, run the underneath order.

java -jar bundletool.jar build-apks --bundle=nhl.aab --output=nhl.apks --mode=universal

End for extracting APK documents from AAB

To close, the one potential approach to introduce Android App Bundle (.AAB) is transferring it straightforwardly on Google Play Store for a bunch of analyzers or utilize the bundletool order to change over .aab to .apk document. In the event that your application is huge and has a great deal of dynamic clients, utilize the bundletool to test the application on various gadget setups and carry out the updates gradually. Be that as it may, if your application is new, you can incline toward adding the App Bundle in shut alpha to accumulate the criticism.

Over the long haul, it is in every case better to extract APKs from the App Bundle first. Also, test them physically on nearby gadgets prior to presenting the update from your Google Play Console.

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