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Colorful Squares Madness – Check How Good Eyes do you have?

Colorful Squares Madness – Check How Good Eyes do you have? The human eye recognizes different colors when light reacts with the pin cells of the eye.

The pin cells of the eye can be divided into three different types, each of which responds to the wavelengths of light in different ways. These three cells recognize shades of red, green, and blue. Other colors are formed when the brain combines cells with each other.

It has been studied that women distinguish colors better than men. The claim is partly true because 2-3% of women also have a fourth pin cell instead of three.

This property is called tetrachromatic color vision, or four-color vision. A person with four-color vision can distinguish up to 100 million different colors.

How the test works:

1. Click on a box that is a different color than the other boxes.

2. The test starts when you click on the first box.

3. You have 15 seconds for each grid.

4. If you click on the wrong box, you will lose three seconds of time.


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How do animals see colors?

Colorful Squares Madness – Check How Good Eyes do you have?

The birds are famous for their excellent sight. The eyes of birds can see up to five basic colors and the combinations of different colors are almost endless.

Bees and other insects are able to see ultraviolet light. Thanks to it, insects distinguish which plants contain nectar and need pollination.

Most mammals have fewer pin cells in their eyes than the human eye, which makes them see a more limited spectrum of colors. Many mammals prey at night, when separating shapes is more important than seeing colors.

Fish living in the seas only recognize shades of blue and green. Instead, in lakes and where live fish distinguish only shades of red.

Why are some people color blind?

Some people suffer from color blindness, which is much more common in men than women. Studies show that up to 8% of men have color blindness, compared to only 0.4% of women.

Color blindness is the result of a malfunction of the pin cells of the eye.

To the color-blind, different colors falsely look similar. The most common form of color blindness is red-green blindness, making it difficult to distinguish between shades of red and green.

Please note that this test does not tell you if you are color blind, but will help you assess your ability to distinguish color tones.

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