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Guide to Android App Architecture Extensions

Guide to Android App Architecture Extensions – Apart from the various Core Elements, there are a few more Elements that play an important role in the development and use of Android Application, which are as follows:

Guide to Android App Architecture Extensions


We can package such Elements related to our application that do not change such as Icons, Help Files etc. as Data Files of our application. Also, the device on which our Android Application Run is to be done, you can also reserve some extra space for the database or files on that device.

On this reserved space, a database or file is stored which contains the data that the user himself inputs while using our Android Application or if the user uses Extra Storage as an SD Card, then In Additional Storage, the data files related to the application can be read and written as per the requirement.


Android devices are generally Internet Ready. That is, most of the applications used on these devices are operational and updated only while connected to the Internet in some way. So we can use the Internet Feature in our application using Java sockets as per the requirement in our Android Application or embedding the WebKit-Based Web Browser Widget.


Android devices are also generally Multimedia Ready. That is, these devices are capable of recording and playing back audio / video. Although there may be differences in the capacities and qualifications of these multimedia devices in different devices, we can query the device through our application to find out what are the capacities related to audio, video, camera, etc. Huh.

Location Services

Android devices are generally able to access services such as Location Providers such as GPS and Cell Triangulation, due to which these devices can identify which part of the earth they are on and the information about the world. We can use it in our Application.

In addition, we can also display the map of the location using location data in other ways, due to which, by tracking the movements of the devices, we can find the location of the device in that case it has been stolen or Have been lost

Since Android devices are basically phones, our application can initiate new phone calls on these devices, send / receive SMS messages and do everything that can be done with a Modern Telephone. .

Although by understanding the Specified Android App Architecture in the previous posts and the Specified Android App Architecture Extensions as above, we can easily create a Basic Android App, but to develop a High Quality Android Application, we need to fix the entire Android Architecture It is very important to understand that there are also many other Elements and every Element fulfills a specific type of need.

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