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Content Provider in Android – The Basic Fundamentals of Content Provider

Content Provider in Android – The Basic Fundamentals of Content Provider – The method used to get data that is to be accessed by multiple applications of the device, is called Content Provider.

Content Provider in Android – The Basic Fundamentals of Content Provider

That is, the Android Development Model provides us the facility to develop data in this way through Content Providers, so that they can be used by other applications of the device as well. Also, there is complete control of these Content Providers on our data, which make sure that the various applications will be able to access and manipulate our data.

Here, we can consider any kind of content that can be used in our application.

For example RSS Feed, Local SQL Database, Stored Data in a Text File, etc. are examples of all content, as we can use them in any application of our Android Device through the Defined Content Providers in Android Architecture.

Our Android Device’s Contacts App, for example, is the best example of a Content Provider because we can access the Stored Contact List through this Contact App in any of our SMS or Phone Dialer Android App.

Similarly if we want to use SQLite Database to store the data of our Android App, then we can use the Content Providers of Android Architecture to access and manipulate the SQLite Database, which allows us as a developer Provides Easy Encapsulated Access to Access / Manipulate any type of Content in.

In this way Content Providers actually provide us the facility to share Stored Data in our Android Device through Android Applications, which is a standard mechanism defined by Android Architecture, which includes Underlying Storage, Structure and Data Sharing It is not necessary to expose their implementation.

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