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Android App Architecture Components | Android Developers

Android App Architecture Components | Android Developers – When we develop a desktop application, then we have complete control over our application, under which we can launch the main window of our application at any time as per our need and any specific child window like Dialog in it. Can open the box.

That is, while developing a Desktop Application, we have complete control over the various Aspects of our application, whose various needs are met by the Operating System.

But our application does not have any interaction directly with any other application, although other applications are also running on the same operating system and the same operating system is also meeting the various requirements of those other applications.

If we want to interact with another application through our Application Program, we get this feature through a Separate API (Application Programming Interface) such as Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) or any other Framework.

Android applications also works in a similar way, but Android applications are packaged in a different way, so that the phone on which these applications are run does not cause any kind of Software Crash issue on those phone devices. .

That is, every Android Application is Crash-Registrant, so they are packaged in a specific way, which has different important parts as follows:

  • Views
  • Activity
  • Fragment
  • Intents
  • Services
  • Content Providers
  • AndroidManifest.xml

Apart from these, an Android App Architecture can also have some Extensions as follows-

  • Storage
  • Network
  • Multimedia
  • Location Services
  • Phone Services

We will discuss all these in detail in subsequent articles because every Android application is a Combined Package of these components and without understanding all these properly we cannot develop any useful Android App.

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